IOOS Releases New Data Catalog


Image of the IOOS Data Catalog homepage

IOOS is proud to release the latest version of our data catalog. The new version features daily metadata updates and an improved user interface to bring the data you need to your fingertips faster.

The new catalog, launched this week, is capable of harvesting more data quickly and making it available via a simplified user interface. The new catalog features:

  • A faster, automated process to ingest new datasets contributed by IOOS data providers, making new data available in minutes rather than days or weeks, and reducing the chance of stale data appearing in search results.
  • More effective filtering capabilities that allow users to sort by data access services (SOS, OPeNDAP, WMS, etc), keyword tags, and other attributes
  • A new user interface designed to complement the look and feel of the NCEI Archive
  • Functionality built on widely-used open source Catalog software that also runs the NOAA Data Catalog and sites 

A key component of this redesign is the CS-W Service. The new IOOS CS-W, which is designed along the lines of the service, allows for machine-based queries so that users have a choice of querying through the web or through things like Python notebooks or desktop GIS software and more.  For instance, the new Data Demo Center will implement the new IOOS CS-W in future notebooks. The CS-W will also keep the metadata consistent between the user interface and the CS-W, a feature refined since the beta tests earlier this year. Access the CS-W service via your compatible tool of choice here.

These changes not only improve the user experience but also streamline the process by which the catalog is updated, automating and streamlining steps that were previously handled by external processes and resulted in longer turn around times. By reworking these elements, the new catalog is a more comprehensive, more powerful, and easier-to-use interface.

Whether you already use IOOS data, are a data provider, or new to IOOS and wondering what we offer you, we have new tools to help you get where you want. In the last quarter, IOOS has launched several resources to help you discover the wide range of resources that IOOS and it's Regional Associations offer.

  • The Access Data page is a single point-of-reference for discovering the variety of data tools, services, and access points offered by IOOS and the IOOS Regional Associations
  • The IOOS Data Demo Center is a resource offering code notebooks and video tutorials for using IOOS and IOOS Regional Association portals, tools, and data
  • The Contribute Data page offers information on data management and communications (DMAC) requirements for those who provide data to IOOS

The Data Catalog represents the heart of IOOS. From offering open access to raw data streams to building custom data visualization systems, IOOS is constantly working to create more rapid access to more information and building tools to deliver the benefits of open data locally, nationally, and globally. By establishing common data standards and management practices, critical information for decision-making, research, and safety is available when it's needed most.


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