The University of Delaware and MARACOOS were awarded a three-year grant to support Data Integration and Web-based Model Validation Tool for NOAA CO-OPS. The project will transition a data management and visualization technology currently in use by IOOS, MARACOOS, and the Commonwealth of Virginia from research to operations within the NOAA Center for Operational Oceanographic Products and Services (CO-OPS). This transition will integrate real-time observational network and modeling forecast products to facilitate decision-making in support of maritime commerce, provide consistency in how CO-OPS data is presented to its navigation customers, and improve communication of model validation results and thus uncertainty in CO-OPS forecast products. The specific technologies to be transitioned are the Environmental Data Server (EDS), a sophisticated system for managing model and observation data, and OceansMap (OM), a web viewer connected to the EDS that provides cutting-edge visualization and analyses of oceanographic data, including advanced plotting, model-data comparisons and validations.

The Year 1 total for this award is $408,257.