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View across Monterey Bay with Monterey in background.

Monterey Bay Coast. Photo Credit: Joe Dilmoe/U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service


We had two very successful Town Hall sessions at the Oceans '16 Conference in Monterey California in September, and we're happy to share the presentations our experts and guests prepared with you.  So whether you were able to attend in person, or eager to fill in on what you missed, you should find all the info here!

Graphic banner for Blue SIlicon Valley town hall

Blue Silicon Valley Emerges from the Serengeti of the Sea
Wednesday Sept. 21, 2016 ⋅ Time: 10:30am - 11:50am



Co-sponsored with The Monterey Bay International Trade Association (MBITA)


Monterey Bay, the world’s leading sustainable, marine science research and development region is fast embracing a new name: "Blue Silicon Valley." Located just 30 miles southwest of the familiar Silicon Valley, this ecosystem-rich  "Serengeti of the Sea" is primed for commercialization. The business communities of Silicon Valley and Monterey Bay are now collaborating on outreach strategies to market the region’s leading sustainable marine science solutions to address the daunting, environmental challenges of the global Blue Economy.  In this 90-minute Town Hall, we'll hear public and private perspectives on new developments and technologies emerging from the marine science community of Monterey Bay, offering unprecedented new ways to interact with industry and environment in effective, conscious ways.

Co-Moderators and Opening Remarks: Zdenka Willis, U.S. IOOS, Tony Livoti, MBITA

  • Rick Spinrad, Chief Scientist, NOAA ⋅ Download Presentation
    "The hope is that, in releasing data into the new blue economy, NOAA will not only spur more innovation and commerce but also encourage other agencies and groups to open up their data, contributing to an even more robust enterprise."
  • Chris Scholin, CEO, Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute  Download Presentation
    "MBARI participates in this movement as consumers as well as innovators, in service to our mission of furthering fundamental ocean research and engineering for the public's benefit."
  • Brad Barbeau, Associate Professor, CSUMB College of Business; Executive Director, The Institute for Innovation and Economic Development ⋅ Download Presentation
    "We will discuss the Blue Economy ecosystem and relate its development to the development of the AgTech ecosystem, which has gained a strong momentum in the past two years."
  • Patrick Kinney, founder and president of Kinnetic Labs  Download Presentation
    "There is a need for good, unbiased scientific data to support applied projects and policy decisions." 
  • Jenn Patterson, Information Manager, CeNCOOS  Download Presentation
    "The inspiring results of these innovations and ventures offer glimpses into the successful future of the data driven Blue Economy and energize data providers like IOOS to continue to produce the high-quality data needed to fuel it."
  • Mike Graham, Executive Director, Center for Aquaculture, Moss Landing Marine Laboratories  Download Presentation
    "Although the ocean is vast and largely unexplored, it is not un-exhaustible and current societal values hold that the development and evolution of the Blue Economy should be constrained by modern principles of sustainable growth."


graphic banner for Ocean Innovations Town Hall

Ocean Innovation and Partnerships Showcase
Wednesday Sept. 21, 2016 ⋅ Time:1:15pm - 3:00pm

New technologies are introduced every year that can advance ocean observing in so many ways and we want to highlight a few to you. To that end, we're teaming up with the Monterey Bay International Trade Association to bring you this fast-paced 90-minute town hall will introduce to you some of the most intriguing, promising, and innovative new developments and technologies and innovative partnerships now emerging across the international community in both public and private sectors.

Co-Moderators and Opening Remarks: Carl Gouldman, U.S. IOOS, Kevin Hardy, Global Ocean Design



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