Below are frequently asked questions regarding the FY2022 US Marine Life Observations Funding Opportunity (NOFO). The application deadline date is Dec 17, 2021 If you have additional questions that are not included in this list, please contact Gabrielle Canonico.

The document states “Proposals that include a team leader component can request up to an additional $40,000 per year for that role in a separate budget (further details provided below).” However, I was unable to find further details on the team leader component. Could you please clarify what this “team leader component” refers to?

There was some descriptive text missing from the funding announcement when initially published. We have since published an amendment to the funding announcement and direct you to for a corrected version.

Are proposals allowed to be conducted any location under the jurisdiction of the USA (i.e., American Samoa) or just in areas of the Arctic, northern and southern California Current, Pacific Northwest, Gulf of Maine, and South Florida?

Proposals must be conducted in US waters only, defined as US coastal waters, Great Lakes, and exclusive economic zone (EEZ).  However this includes *all*  US coastal waters, Great Lakes, and exclusive economic zone (EEZ) and not just areas or regions with current  MBON projects.